Why Practicing With Toddlers Isn't Always the Best

Often I'll ask my photographer friends; "How can I get better?" Everywhere I turn everyone says: "Practice, practice!" 
Makes sense right? and while I absolutely love practicing...I don't always have a model. 
But I *do* always have Lincoln around. 
Toddlers don't make for the best models though. Here's a list why: 

They generally just don't see your vision.

They are prone to spitting

and random, weird acrobatics.

They are escape artists.

They might yell at you when you have different ideas...

and they don't stop 'til they get their way. 

 They lose interest easily.

BUT....if you take 83 pictures...you'll probably get one similar to the one you envisioned :) 

Never give up, never surrender. 


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