One of my big brothers and his wife welcomed their 5th baby (4th girl!) last Sunday, and today I got to go down to visit and of course take pictures! This little babe is such a sweetie. She slept pretty much the entire time I was there. 
When I started taking pictures, she wasn't swaddled, and she was flailing and I swaddled her up and no joke, two seconds later she was passed.out. It happened so suddenly I had to look at her real hard to make sure she was breathing! I left her swaddled the whole time since I'm still really new to newborn photography, and she was awesome. I put her in 4 different spaces to take pictures, and except for a couple eye peeks she never budged. Newborns :) 

 I used some of my shots to play with the presets on photoshop. I really, really love how they turned out. 

 oh! A big shout out to my assistants!
My second shooter:
 The baby monitor and blanket mover:
 and my....time manager?
"MOM! It is time for DINNER! & What is this thing on the floor?!"
He may or may not have gotten super in her face...and that's when the shoot ended ;)


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