Lid Cakes

Don't we all love Pinterest? Yep. I know you do. I can't tell you how often I find myself saying to someone: "Oh my gosh! I found this great thing on Pinterest!" or, a conversation between my husband and I will go like this:
Husband: The is really yummy
Me: Thanks! It's a new recipe
Husband: ...pinterest?
Me: ...maybe
Then husband just chews and nods..or he laughs and rolls his eyes.
Last week pinterest came to my rescue (like it usually does) when I found myself with some leftover cake batter. Not enough for a cake, and not really enough to make more cupcakes. I just kinda stared at my bowl of batter wondering what to do with it. Wait 20 minutes and make more cupcakes? Throw it out? Eat it?
then I remembered something I had seen on Pinterest. They were mini pies made from mason jar lids. 
I grabbed some lids, sprayed 'em, filled 'em up, and popped 'em in the oven. Voila!
 Fresh out of the oven! 
ps, did you know? When cakes or muffins come out domed like that it means they were over beaten? Yep. All the beating incorporates too much air and causes 'tunneling'. Shame on me. ;)
 and because everything is cuter with a flag:
Happy Baking! 


  1. So cute!! I haven't seen that on pinterest yet, but I will have to make a mental note so when I have that little extra batter!

  2. These are SO cute and such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!


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