Grilled (Mac &) Cheese!

Last Thursday I went to the LA County Fair with my mother in law. We had a super fun time! From getting free baby trees to plant, to all the crafts we looked at, to the camels I got to feed (DUDE! It was epic. I love camels. And the didn't even spit on me. Win!) ...down to the Grilled Mac and Cheese we shared. That sandwich. Um, yum. 
We got on with sweet onions and spinach. It was ah-mazing. Therefore, I recreated it in my kitchen: 
 I made his and her sandwiches, which really were just our sandwiches since I chopped them in half and we each tried the other. For his (above) It contained rye and pepper jack cheese, pickles, mustard, red onion and alfredo cheese pasta on potato bread. For hers (below) we have pepper jack cheese, a BBQ and Thousand Island spread, with red onion, tomatoes and the same alfredo cheese pasta. This time on wheat bread.
The verdict? So good! Hubs and I both preferred his. Man, I could have devoured another one. Just so good. I mean, who doesn't love carbs sandwiched between more carbs?! 
and really, these sandwiches are your oyster. You dig cheese and bacon? Do it. You like mushrooms with your mac? Go for it. Any thing you can imagine-get it in yo' belly! You'll be glad you did! 


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