Erin's Adventure Shoot

Can I just say I love photography? Like, I super duper love seeing people through the lens and capturing the light and just making a tangible memory of this gorgeous world and the beautiful people in it! 
I'm glad I've got awesome friends who love modeling for me! 
*sidenote* calling all models! I need some more practice. 
Anywaaays....this is the fabulous Erin Manning. I hadn't seen her in a couple months, and so it was a blast to discover some places to shoot (we just kept chasing the sunset) and talk as we drove around. The sun was nice and came out to play and I am just in major love of all the shots! 

Isn't she just so purdy? 
The best part was when she popped a pose and I was all "Dang girl!" and she was all: "I watch America's Top Next Model".  

Peace out, peeps!


  1. These pictures are awesome! the model really rocked it :) nice job Laura and Erin!


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