Real Results: Pumpkin Dream Cake

On Saturday the elders from our church came over for dinner. I woke up that morning happy that we had a super easy meal prepped and then realized: we have no dessert! Serving dinner without dessert is, in my opinion a heinus crime. I mean, really. Who does that!?
So I did what any girl would do. I went to Pinterest. It didn't dissapoint (ahem. Does it ever?)
I found Pumpkin Dream cake by Lemon Sugar. A glorious looking cake...3 layers, fluffy icing, and a interesting cooking method. I was sold (and yes, I totally judge all things I decide to bake by the picture I find online. oh well.)

Here is their cake:
 Here is mine: (AHAHAHA!)

I used 2 cake pans instead of 3, and I had to use a straw (not pictured..) to hold my layers on! The cake itself tastes amazing. I could eat it all day long. No joke. The frosting-though divine-is where I had my problems. The recipe calls for 6 cups of sugar, but 'add more till desired consistency' well, by a whole cup and a half after my 6, my frosting was still more cake battery than fluffy. So I stopped and worked with what I had. The result: a slipping and sliding cake (hence the straw) and pretty much no frosting in the middle, since it got absorbed by the layers. Still, delish! I'd definitely make it again. and the leftover frosting I have? I'm thinking its the prefect glaze for some cinnamon rolls. oh yeah. 
What's your favorite pinterest recipe? 


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