Toms Makeover! (and a photo tip)

I found these Toms at my favorite thrift store and just about cried when I found them. (hmm..hormonal much?) But my friends, I've been having Toms lust FOREVER. My budget never allowed me them though.So yeah, I was ecstatic to find these. 

 I didn't wear them much though. I would stare at them, and I thought "Wait, I've wanted these forever. Why aren't I wearing them?" and then I realized I wasn't a huge fan of the pattern. Bummer.

 Then it hit me. What do I do with all those things I don't really dig? I PAINT THEM. Duh!
I stuffed these with paper towels, slapped painters tape to the labels and spray painted away. Yep, just spray paint. I could have gone for fabric spray paint, or mixed in fabric medium to acrylic paint (all of which can be found at most local craft stores) but I'm an impatient woman. and I believe in using what I have already. Thus, spray paint.

Now, said spray paint did leave my shoes harder/crusty. But they have not bothered the way the shoes feel or move when I walk. The more I wear them, the softer they get, and I haven't noticed them flaking off.  I used at least 2 coats.

Then I got my gold paint and a pencil and used the eraser as my stamp. I love me some polka dots!
I also painted the little elastic triangle gold.

I love them. a lot
Any shoes you have that could use some lovin'? Don't toss them, just give them a makeover!
PS, photo tip: ^^ To always remember what season you took your picture in, try to find something seasonal to have in your picture (and it doesn't have to be painfully obvious, like in this picture) I find that if I do this, I can go back months later-when I finally print my photos!-and still know about the time the photo was taken. Makes remembering easier!

<3, Laura


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