No Boys Allowed

Every Christmas my girlfriends and I have a get together. In the past it's been at my parents house (where we dance party it up and eat too much mac and cheese)  but this year we decided to go out to eat and then have a photo shoot! (no surprise there, for those who know us) We've done a lot of shoots in the past, and they are always so fun. We took some serious shots, but mostly we just got silly. Such a fun afternoon! 

Here's Erin:
 ^^Erin, I really love this one of you^^ 



Melissa and I: 

^^we like reflections^^

The gang's all here!! 

In other news, the weekend before Christmas I did two family mini sessions, and 1/2 a senior session (we ran out of light) oh man, so many pictures to go through, but so much fun and I am learning loads. 

Happy/Merry -Belated- Christmas!! 


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