Melissa-The Tree Lot

Yesterday it rained. 
One of my best friends Melissa and I had planned on a photo shoot, and when it rained Melissa freaked out. Our texts looked like this: 

Mel: We can't go today! It's raining! 
Me: It's not raining. Plus, my camera is waterproof. 
Mel: But my boots will get muddy! 
Me: Then don't wear boots! Besides, it's not raining. 
*2 minutes pass and I go outside* 
Me: Just kidding, it's raining. 
Mel: Told you. 

Yep. We are best friends! 
But after the texts and the boots and the rain we went out and did it anyway, and guess what! No rain! 
It was lots of fun to hang out, though I have to say because of the rain clouds, and the lights from the tree lot...there's a weird tint in many of the pictures. oh well! This is what you learn to deal with. 
You've got to use the light you're given.

aw, she's so pretty. Thanks for shooting with me! And shout out to Stacey-because of her Melissa smiled a whole lot more during our shoot and because of her, we got to shoot at the tree lot! Connections ;) 

(Me, Melissa, Stacey) 

Happy Friday lovers! 


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