Jessica & Alan

Man, the more I do this, the more I love it. 
I'm not going to lie, I was quite nervous for this shoot. I don't know why, but I really had the jitters. I've known Jessica since we were teens, and she and her hubby are just so fun. I loved watching them interact and I really hope I captured their happy personalities and their love for each other. 
(ps, I really love these. Like, a lot. These two are amazing!) 

see? So fun. I have  what seems like a gazillion pictures like this. ;) 

 My favorite part of the shoot? When I said: "Alright, lets go down to the pub!" (because its a super cool building) and Jessica said: "The place where they serve alcoholic beverages?" And Alan said: "That's what a pub is."
...I mean, I just loved that she said "beverages" Not too many people say that anymore. It was early, ok?

Thanks Alan and Jessica! I hope you love these like I do!!


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! we are soooooo happy and sooooo excited and will shout your name from the roof tops! YOU ROCK! we love them and we LOVE you! Thank you!


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