Young Women in Excellence-Adventure is out there!

Best Night Ever! 
I had such a blast making all the decorations. It was just so great. GUYS! Cricuts are so cool!!!! I have to give a shout out to my sister in law Romina. She let me use her cricut and I'm just so grateful. (and to my mom and dad in law too...for letting me cut up their maps :) 
Adventure is out there! It really is. 
 The welcome table with programs. 
 Their backdrop for their talks
 ...a random set up because I can't leave anything untouched....
 "Adventure Awaits" 
I had wanted to out line the words with marker so you could read it better but I ran out of time. 
 Flowers with maps and burlap everywhere! 
 The awesome Up house that our friends Vicky and Anthony made (and it was DELICIOUS) 
 another picture of our welcome table. I was just so in love with it. 

and the reason for all the shenanigins? These 3 beautiful girls. They drive me batty but they also never cease to blow my mind with their smarts, talents and love. 
It was a good year for our young women's group. Looking forward to more! 


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