Weekly Weigh In #3 1/2

Ermagersh guys! I totally forgot to tell you about last week!! With Halloween and everything I finally lost a pound!!!

Haha, then the next week I gained two! I was so irritated, because I had lost 1/2 an inch everywhere. I didn't understand why the gain but the loss too! So I texted my weigh in buddy and told her my issue and she was all 'inches are what really matter. There are too many factors to the weigh in.' Well, that's truth. That was good for me to hear.

 I'm curious to weigh in tomorrow. I've tried to step up my activity but I know my water and veggie consumption dropped this week. Oops.

So far though this last Sunday I finally saw some change. My favorite belt, the one I haven't been able to wear since I as 5 months pregnant fits again!! I was so thrilled when I put it on. It felt awesome :)

I'll be back in the morning with my results!


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