The Stonecutter Parable

Last night was our Young Women In Excellence Program. It was amazing. I was absolutely overcome with the love the Savior has for me, and the love He has for our young women. I was also overcome with pride and love for the girls I work with. They are amazing. They truly are the next generation and they've got a lot of life ahead of them.

For the closing remarks of the evening our stake young women's president told the story of the 3 stonecutters. A group of men were going about, trying to figure out what these stonecutters were doing.  They stopped and asked one and he scowled and said: "I'm cutting stone. Obviously." To say the least, his attitude was a little scary. So they went to a second and asked him "What are you doing?" "Oh" he said with a shrug "Just building a wall."  So the men continued on and asked the 3rd stonecutter. He glowed with pride as he said "I am helping to build a cathedral! It will be beautiful and mighty and will stand for generations!"
This third stonecutter, he saw the big picture. He knew that he wasn't just cutting stone, or just making part of a wall. He knew better.

This parable hit me hard. With these young women I'm not just getting them to do personal progress, I'm not there just because it's my calling, I'm there because I'm building cathedrals. These young women will grow up. They will go out into the world where they will be a mighty influence to all those they come into contact with. They'll have families. Their children will learn from their example. The things that touch their hearts today will touch the hearts of the generations down the road. For the first time I can see the big picture. I can say with my whole heart that I love the youth of this church. They are incredible, and they will move mountains.



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